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TEACCH® Autism Program hosts visitors from programs within North Carolina, nationally, and overseas. The visits can be arranged at any of the TEACCH regional centers or through the Administration and Research office. Visits can be scheduled for anywhere from a day to a week and are individualized to meet the interests and goals of the visitors. The visit is considered an observational learning experience and is not training. This program is best suited to groups of five or more and priority is given to groups. Advance notice of 6 months is required for an organized program of observations. We highly recommend that individuals or small groups request to schedule a visit in conjunction with attending a TEACCH workshop or training to enhance the learning experience. A TEACCH Visitors’ Request Form must be completed prior to arranging a visit. For more information about the Visitors program, contact Kathy Hearsey at or 919.966.8187.

Please note that we charge $220/day per person for visits and observations. These fees allow us to offset our administrative costs for reassigning our autism specialists from their clinic responsibilities to provide these individualized instructional opportunities.


The Clinical Psychology Internship Program

The Clinical Psychology Internship program that provides intensive training in autism is part of a broad-based training in the UNC Department of Psychiatry which has been accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1962. Former TEACCH interns have gone on to successful careers in research and clinical practice. For more information on this internship program click here.

Practicum and Other Traineeships

Graduate students in many disciplines such as psychology, social work, and education have received training at TEACCH as part of their graduate school requirements. Placements can be developed at any of the regional TEACCH Centers. Interested students or their advisors should contact the TEACCH Director at the appropriate regional center. Click here for a list of regional centers and contact information.

International Trainees

For trainees from overseas, placements can be arranged in one of our regional centers outside of Chapel Hill. Training periods can last from one month to one year. Trainees should be a professional working in the field of autism and committed to applying their TEACCH experience to programs in their home country after completion of the training. The training experience can include observation and learning of assessment methods, intervention strategies, and exposure to the entire range of services offered by TEACCH. For more information and application materials for this training program, contact the TEACCH Director of Training.

Kathy Hearsey, Director, TEACCH Training
CB# 7180; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7180
Phone: (919) 966-8196 Fax: (919) 966-4127

Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship

Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship program has been providing advanced training in TEACCH and autism for 25 years and prepares psychologists for a career in autism-related work. The contact person for this program is Laura Klinger, Ph.D., TEACCH Director.

Laura Klinger, Ph.D., Executive Director TEACCH Autism Program