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  • The certification is valid for 3 years, with a three-year recertification
  • Use the title of TEACCH® Certified Advanced Consultant
  • Qualify for the benefits of the Practitioner Level (see Practitioner Overview for Benefits/Privileges)
  • Consult on TEACCH principles and practices across work and other related settings (outside of work setting)
  • Conduct lectures or presentations on TEACCH-related content
  • Conduct 1-3 Day Training Workshops
  • Have your name listed on TEACCH website as TEACCH Certified Advanced Consultant
  • Receive Consultative Support (up to 2 hours per certification period—no charge)
  • Utilize discounts (10%) to TEACCH-sponsored conferences, and approved seminars in North Carolina


  • Hold a current Practitioner Certification
  • Have one year of experience post Practitioner level certification
  • Request and complete an application to attend a Shadow Training at a five Day University of North Carolina TEACCH Autism Program Training led by TEACCH Staff.
  • At the completion of the Shadow Training week, meet with Director of Training team to review your demonstrated competence for next steps. If approved to continue the process the Director of Training will complete a form that documents the eligibility of the applicant to begin the formal application process.
  • A hard copy Portfolio will be required. The content will be determined based on the applicant’s current position and job responsibilities.  The Director of Training and applicant will develop an agreed upon content.
  • Upon approval of the TEACCH training team Director who will “sign off”, based on demonstrated competence, request and submit the formal application, including a portfolio of examples of lectures, workshops led, consultations, and other advanced activities. During the portfolio development phase, applicants will be assigned a mentor to provide consultation and support. Submit the $1000 application fee at this time.
  • The Portfolio will be reviewed and when approved, a Skype oral examination will be scheduled by the TEACCH review team.
  • Upon successful completion of the examination, a certificate will be mailed to the applicant upon payment of the certification fee and completion of a signed agreement

Cost of Certification:

  • Training fees apply (see Criteria/Process above) for prerequisite Shadow training and registration fees for Fundamentals workshops.
  • $1000 Application and Certification Fee


  • Within the three-year period of certification, attend 16 contact hours of continuing education activities in ASD, including:
    • A minimum of 8 hours in TEACCH sponsored workshops, such as the TEACCH Annual Conference and TEACCH Topics: Trainings and seminars that are advanced beyond Structured TEACCHing
    • An additional 8 hours can be from any other ASD workshops or conferences
  • A new, three year certificate will be e-mailed upon payment of the recertification fee
  • $525 Recertification fee plus cost of attendance at continuing education programs every three years

For additional questions or more information, please contact:
TEACCH Certifications
TEACCH Autism Program – CB#7180, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7180
Email: | Phone: 919.966.7003 | Fax: 919.966.4127