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To anticipate possible questions and to clarify some of the details in the TEACCH® Certification Program, we are providing the following supplementary information. This section will be periodically updated as we get feedback.
Any new applicant must start at the Practitioner level and complete all the requirements listed in the Certification Overview. Once these requirements are met, you will be eligible to complete and submit an application form after contacting the TEACCH Training Program, indicating your interest and readiness to submit the application.
Once your application has been reviewed and is complete, you will be contacted by TEACCH and you will be scheduled for an evaluation that consists of two components: a written test and an oral examination. Both evaluations will assess you in the following domains:

  • Knowledge of TEACCH Philosophy (understanding autism, strengths-based, using interests, developmental approach, working with parents)
  • Application of strategies for working with parents
  • Individualization through assessment
  • Individualization of the elements of Structured TEACCHing
  • Problem solving around issues related to autism and learning style !!!
Yes, after passing the examination and paying the certification fee. Part of the certification process includes support from TEACCH staff who, based on our review of your portfolio and other information, can answer questions, make suggestions, and offer resources to help promote your development.

If you pass the evaluation process (examination, portfolio review and oral assessment), you will be notified as soon as possible (typically at the end of the oral exam) that you have been accepted at the TEACCH Practitioner Level.

Why can’t I train others with whom I work, or give lectures on TEACCH outside my work setting?

The process of becoming proficient in TEACCH principles and practices requires extensive training and experience. Advancing to the level of proficiency in training other professionals requires even more experience, including supervision. In our own program in North Carolina, we expect our autism specialists to work for two years in our model before they move into trainer and consultant roles; and these are professionals immersed in the model on a daily basis. We do not require the same level of commitment for those in the certification program, but do require considerable advanced training as described below.

Yes, you have the option of pursuing additional training through our shadow training process. Typically this involves at least three supervised experiences working with a TEACCH team during a five-day training. Not everyone who goes through this process attains status as an independent trainer. Those who meet criteria for this role, based on a TEACCH Director approval, can then be part of a TEACCH training team.
The Advanced Consultant has independence in providing lectures, workshops and trainings. The Certified Practitioner Level can provide consultation and share information on a more limited scale and can be part of a training team, led by TEACCH staff, but cannot lecture or train on TEACCH principles and practices on his/her own.

The primary skills that will be evaluated pertain to consultation, training, and lecturing. With respect to consultation skills, you will be evaluated on your ability to convey knowledge of autism and the Structured TEACCHing approach through consultancy to teachers, parents and other professionals around autism and the Structured TEACCHing model. The focus during the shadow training experience will be working with the groups, doing model work presentations, leading some small group activities during training and other activities.

With respect to skills specific to training, applicants will be evaluated by TEACCH faculty and staff on their knowledge and abilities based on direct observation of performance as a trainer, including lectures. For example, your ability to present through lecture information on autism, Structured TEACCHing and the application of Structured TEACCHing to areas such as communication, social, play and vocation.

We believe that this term more fully and accurately reflects the scope of activities for this level. Consultants are viewed as professionals who provide expert advice including training and lectures. Having the descriptor of “Advanced” enhances the status at this level.
Unique to the Advanced Consultant Level, there will be a more intense review of your work and skills at the second renewal of your certification (years 4-6). This will include either direct observations of TEACCH Trainers and Directors, and submitting video samples or other materials similar to the initial evaluation process. For those who have been part of a TEACCH training team, we will be able to handle the evaluation process as a natural part of the training week.
No, the hours must be completed within the three year period of certification.

If a parent is a professional providing services to individuals with autism (e.g., a teacher, speech therapist, psychologist), he or she can participate in the certification program as any other professional. However, if the parent is home schooling their child or is not professionally credentialed, then the certification program is not an option.

We expect, based on our experience with the program and feedback from participants, that we will make adjustments/changes as we go along. We hope that these are not major, but will enhance the quality of what we are trying to accomplish. We will keep our website training page updated with regard to any changes in the program. If the need arises, we will develop a listserv, a newsletter, or other means of maintaining ongoing communication with our Certified Practitioners and Advanced Consultants.

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