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Individual Parent TEACCHing Sessions: 8 – 12 Sessions Model

Individualized Parent TEACCHing Sessions are designed to facilitate a collaboration/partnership between TEACCH staff and parents. A key to this collaboration is our underlying philosophy that parents know their children best and that TEACCH can provide information, strategies, and support to address the needs of their children. Individual parent TEACCHing sessions are available to parents of autistic individuals of all ages.

These sessions provide an opportunity for parents to learn ways of teaching their child at home, build self-help and other home skills including communication and social skills, as well as address behavioral concerns. Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are offered weekly. The number of sessions varies depending on the individual’s needs (typically eight to twelve sessions). During the sessions, a therapist works directly with the child to model suggested strategies and then works with the parent to implement these strategies that address the concerns the parent may have.

Our clinical services are provided as part of the UNC Health Care system’s UNC Faculty Physicians group. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, some BCBS plans, State Health Plan, and we are in-network for many insurance carriers.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the Chapel Hill TEACCH Parent Information Seminar before beginning individual sessions. The seminar is two hours in length and is designed to provide information about autism and structured teaching.

TEACCH for Toddlers

TEACCH for Toddlers is a comprehensive approach for toddlers with the diagnosis of autism and their families incorporating naturalistic, structured, and behavioral (e.g., ABA) strategies. An interdisciplinary team of specialists, including psychologists, social workers, and educators will work with you and your child to promote better outcomes for all. TEACCH for Toddlers entails:

Home-based service

One of our Autism Specialists will work with caregivers in the home to:

1) improve challenging daily routines (e.g., toilet training, bath time, meal time)

2) promote communication, social, and play skills and increase flexibility

3) jointly plan with parents and other professionals to improve the consistency of care

Clinic-based service

One of our Autism Specialists will work with children and caregivers to:

1) promote communication, social, and play skills and increase flexibility

2) provide education, coaching, and parent-to-parent support to parents

The program lasts for approximately 14 weeks per family, with rolling admissions throughout the year.

Some insurance companies will cover this service, while others may not. Recent legislative changes in NC ensure that this type of service will be covered by more and more insurance companies.