General Services

The Greenville TEACCH® Center offers diagnostic evaluations, group meetings, sessions, and consultations for clients of all ages.  All services are committed to the following:

  • Developing a program based on individualized assessment of strengths, interests, and needs, and teaching this program with respect for the individual.
  • Providing opportunities for direct 1-to-1 instruction, group application, and independent practice of skills.
  • Maintaining active and on-going parent/teacher collaboration in determining goals for the individual and in carrying out his/her program goals across settings.

Diagnostic Evaluation

The Greenville TEACCH Center provides diagnostic evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults who are thought to have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) but have not yet received a diagnosis. The evaluation includes parent/caregiver interview and questionnaires; review of medical, social, academic, and developmental history; and testing session(s) with the individual. The individual is directly assessed using state of the art, empirically-based assessment instruments which may include the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) or the Childhood Autism Rating Scale – 2nd edition (CARS2).

Results of an evaluation are shared with the parents/caregivers or individual during an interpretive conference that is typically held at the end of the diagnostic day.  Parents of an adult coming for an evaluation are welcome to attend the interpretive conference at the invitation of their adult child. An individualized, written evaluation report with comprehensive recommendations and resources is mailed to the parents/caregivers or individual.

If you would like to begin the process for an evaluation, please call Sharonda Sutton-Smith at (252)-830-3300 ext. 221 or email

Fees for Services

Our clinical services are provided as part of the UNC Health Care system’s UNC Faculty Physicians group. We currently accept the same insurance providers as UNC Health Care. For a complete list please follow the link provided

Intervention Services

  • STRUCTURED TEACCHing SESSIONS:  These sessions are designed to be a collaboration/partnership between TEACCH staff and parents in order to provide information, strategies, and support. A consultant assists parents in establishing initial goals.  Parents will also have the continued opportunity to discuss the needs of their child while observing a psychoeducational therapist implementing structured teaching strategies. Parents are encouraged to practice these strategies both in session and at home.
  • FAMILY THERAPY SESSIONS:  Short-term family therapy sessions can be provided to focus on the impact of an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis on family members. For more information, please contact Ashley Tripp, LMFT at or call 252-830-3300, ext. 226.