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General Services

The Greenville TEACCH® Center offers diagnostic evaluations, individual and group psychotherapy and consultations across the lifespan. Our clinical services are provided as part of the UNC Health Care system’s UNC Faculty Physicians group. We currently accept the same insurance providers as UNC Health Care. Click here for a complete list of accepted insurance plans

Diagnostic Evaluation

The Greenville TEACCH Center provides diagnostic evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults who are thought to have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but have not yet received a diagnosis. This center partners with the Raleigh TEACCH Center to provide assessments for our clients.  Evaluations focus on diagnosis and recommendations. For families living in the Greenville catchment area, the first appointment will occur at the Greenville TEACCH Center and the day-long assessment appointment will occur at the Raleigh TEACCH Center.

What does an evaluation include?

  • Diagnostic interview with the individual and/or caregivers and questionnaires
  • Review of medical, social, academic, and developmental history
  • Testing sessions with the individual using empirically-based assessments including the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – 2nd edition (ADOS-2) and the Childhood Autism Rating Scale – 2nd edition (CARS2)
  • Other additional assessments as needed

Results are shared during an interpretive conference, typically at the end of the diagnostic day. Family members of an adult who is their own guardian are welcome to attend the interpretive conference at the invitation of the individual.

Report with recommendations is mailed to the family or individual (if the client is an adult). Reports include an individualized, written evaluation summary with a list of recommendations and resources.

If you would like to begin the evaluation process, go to the referral page or call our office at 919-966-0211 for more information.

Intervention Services

PSYCHOTHERAPY SESSIONS: These sessions are available to clients of all ages using evidence-based practices to meet the individual needs of the client and family.  A treatment plan is established with the client and/or family input informed by the individual’s strengths, interests, and needs.  Central to the foundation of TEACCH’s intervention approach is our underlying philosophy that parents know their child best and that TEACCH can provide information, strategies, and support to address the needs of their child.  Intervention duration, frequency, and scheduling are based on the unique needs of each client and family.  Depending on the age and needs of the client, interventions may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, visual supports, parent coaching, and naturalistic interventions.

Other Services

  • Other services available through the Greenville TEACCH Center include parent information meetings, individual/family consultation regarding resources in the region, and parent workshops on a variety of topics. For information regarding these services, please contact Katie Fox at 919-966-0211 or
  • Greenville TEACCH staff is available for educational consultation (through a contract), community outreach events, and professional training opportunities. Please contact Daniel Liles at 919-966-0211 or email to discuss these needs.