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Chapel Hill TEACCH offers a seminar for parents to ensure that all parents of children with a diagnosis of autism have access to information that will help in better understanding autism as well as the behaviors and learning styles that accompany autism. The focus of the seminar is understanding autism, understanding the learning, social, communication, and behavioral needs of autistic individuals, and understanding your child’s individuality and how to use this information to problem solve and advocate for them. This seminar is designed for parents of newly diagnosed individuals, but the information shared is helpful to all parents, regardless of a child’s age, development, or length of time since diagnosis. The seminar combines lectures, discussions, and time for individual questions. Call 919-966-5156 for more information.

Introduction to Autism is a seminar that meets for two hours, once per week.  We offer both morning and evening options. This seminar is typically scheduled in January, March, May, September, and November. Registration information goes out to clients through our TEACCH-Chapel Hill Listerv about one month before the next scheduled event. Email or call 919-966-5156 for more information.