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Project SEARCH is a one-year transition program which provides training and education leading to employment for individuals with disabilities. The program occurs on-site at a business where students participate in 20-25 hour a week internship experiences along with 1.5 hours of employability skill work with the support of a teacher and job coach staff. Project SEARCH was founded in 1995 by Erin J. Riehle, a nurse administrator at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in collaboration with Susie Rutkowski of Great Oaks Career Campus.

The Supported Employment staff in Greensboro have been a team member of the High Point Regional Hospital Project SEARCH program for the past 4 years. During that time, the Project SEARCH site at NYCA (New York Collaborates for Autism) at NY-Presbyterian Hospital in White Plains, New York and TEACCH have been working together to build on the Project SEARCH model and create a range of assessments, curriculums, and supports that incorporate empirically based, best-practice strategies for ASD students. TEACCH Structured TEACCHing and the TTAP, along with an Enhanced Autism Curriculum from NYCA have been identified as key components of this adapted program. TEACCH staff are creating a Project SEARCH 3-day training model, as well as a PS TTAP version which will be a part of this Augmentation Package.

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