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Participants in the T-STEP program must have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Be at least 16 and not older than 22 (specific ages vary by college.)  Participants must be enrolled in the future ready diploma track in high school or have graduated with a regular diploma. Eligibility status will be determined by NCDVRS counselors.

No, the T-STEP requires a regular diploma and is for individuals who can participate in college level courses.  This program is not for someone who graduated with an OCS diploma.

Yes, many of the T-STEP students attend other community college or four-year universities.

Yes, for some community colleges, high school students can participate in the T-STEP although the program is offered during the day on community college campuses. Contact us for specific information for your local community college.

No, transportation to the community college campus is not provided and must be arranged by the T-STEP participant and his/her family.

It is not required that participants are their own guardian.  Most participants in the T-STEP program are their own guardians if they are over 18, but it is not a requirement.