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How We Talk About Autism and Why it Matters Webinar

May 26, 2023

Person-first or identity-first language? Is it okay to say high or low functioning? How do we avoid ableism and describe autism in an affirming way? This webinar discusses how to use language that effectively communicates respect and inclusion when we communicate about autism with clients, families, the community, and in research.

Annual TEACCH Conference – October 12-13, 2023 – Register Now!

April 4, 2023

Registration is now open! The 2023 UNC TEACCH Autism Program Conference – Diversity in Autism – focuses on understanding and supporting diversity among autistic individuals and their families including neurodiversity and diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, and communication.

Registration for Medical and Mental Health Project ECHO Autism Now Open!

December 13, 2022

Registration for Project ECHO Autism is currently open for primary care providers in North Carolina and mental health professionals who work with individuals on the autism spectrum of any age in their caseload and who would like to develop their expertise in working with this population.

Project ECHO Autism – Mental Health Providers – September 2022 Cohort

August 15, 2022

Registration for Project ECHO Mental Health is currently open for mental health providers (September 2022) in North Carolina who have individuals with an autism spectrum disorder of any age on their caseload and who would like to develop their expertise in working with this population. Your commitment to participation would include 90-minute teleconsultation events held two times monthly.

North Carolina Community Employment Collaborative

November 1, 2021

An interdisciplinary team across multiple departments at UNC-Chapel Hill has been awarded a new grant to create a statewide employment collaborative to identify current strengths and barriers of existing transition services, expand and strengthen transition services, and facilitate improved transition from school to postsecondary education and employment.