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T-STEP is now recruiting for SPRING 2021 Online Program
at Cape Fear Community College. Apply Now!

For more information, contact the T-STEP team at 919-843-9505 or

The T-STEP is a FREE intervention developed to support the transition to employment and post-secondary education for 16-21-year-olds with Autism Spectrum Disorder who will or have received the Future-Ready Core high school diploma.

The T-STEP covers seven transition skills modules grouped into four intervention areas

  • Goal Setting Skills – These modules involve choosing and working toward an individual’s goals.
  • Executive Function Skills – These modules target approaching tasks in an organized manner and time management and flexibility.
  • Emotion Regulation Skills – These modules target coping with stress and accepting corrective feedback.
  • Social Skills – These modules target getting help when needed and social skills.

Through funding from the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the T-STEP is offered free of charge for 16-21-year-old students with ASD at AB Tech, Cape Fear, Central Piedmont, Pitt, and Wake Tech Community Colleges. Due to the pandemic, Spring 2021 Online TSTEP Program will be offered through Cape Fear Community College.

Participation includes skill instruction, group practice, video modeling, and role-plays. Additionally, students practice these skills on a weekly basis at a volunteer internship site. Students also receive individual career counseling, higher education counseling, and self-advocacy counseling.

For more information, contact the T-STEP team at 919-843-9505 or