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The program includes two certification levels, TEACCH Practitioner and TEACCH Advanced Consultant


As the number of professionals trained by TEACCH® has increased and the demand for accountability for quality services for individuals with autism has also increased, the leadership of TEACCH Autism Program decided that it was an appropriate time to establish a comprehensive Professional Certification Program for educators, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists and other service providers in the field of autism.

The program includes two certification levels, Practitioner and Advanced Consultant, progressing professionals from a skilled practitioner to a consultation role within their work setting to an advanced consultant who is trained to provide lectures to groups inside and outside their work setting.

The TEACCH Professional Certification Program will help to protect the integrity and quality of the TEACCH model and to provide educators and clinicians with a professional certification that allows them to document their use of evidence-based practices.

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