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TEACCH Supported Employment provides services to more than 300 individuals in the Triangle and Triad regions of NC, to help them find and maintain long term employment.

Supported Employment adult working 2 Chris, pictured to the left, has worked at Best Buy for over 4 years. He was recently promoted to a Google Expert position. He is a great example of how hard work and the right support can lead to successful employment outcomes. Congratulations, Chris!
Supported Employment adult working1 Michael Bell is an intern at UNC Healthcare. He is also exactly the type of person you want around if your computer goes down. “I work on broken computers. Hardware, software, if they are broken I fix them.” This comes naturally to Michael because he started building computers as a kid and has not stopped. Michael also happens to be the first person to participate in the LiNC-IT program with TEACCH Supported Employment, and for the last four months he was been working as an End User Support Specialist at UNC Healthcare. “Just getting the internship was a major hurdle for me.” And now that he has been given this opportunity, he is taking full advantage. Michael is most proud of a project his boss asked him to complete by himself. Tasked with finding an efficient solution to an issue with his department’s inventory database, Michael delivered with a streamlined process that will help his coworkers easily access thousands of computers. With the help of TEACCH Supported Employment, Michael feels ready to take on full time work when his internship is over. “The hard part for me is remembering to do all the things I’m supposed to; my training with TEACCH taught me strategies to combat that. Also, having a job coach to hold me accountable has made my internship easier.”

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