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TEACCHer’s Pet – Community Give Back Cocktail for June

For the last couple of years, City Kitchen in Chapel Hill has created a unique Community Give Back Cocktail each month that benefits a chosen charity for that month. The idea is to offer guests a chance to give back to their community as well as being educated by the staff about some of the amazing work that is being done by organizations.

The signature drink for the month is priced at $12, $5 of each one sold goes directly to the non profit. TEACCH will be the benefactor of this community give-back program for the month of June.

The Community Give Back Cocktail for June will be the TEACCHer’s Pet – a refreshing mix of vodka, honey-ginger syrup, ginger bitters, lemon and apple juice, topped with sparkling wine, it is the perfect way to beat the heat while sipping and serving your community.

Go to City Kitchen anytime in June to taste TEACCHer’s Pet and support TEACCH Autism Program.