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toddler playing with wooden train on floor, father and toddler playing with stackable toys, and mother and toddler playing with toys on floor.

 If your toddler does not have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder and you are wondering if they may have autism, you may want to start here. There are websites that have information on what your child should be doing at each milestone that may be helpful as you consider your child’s development and share your concerns with your child’s pediatrician or health provider. There are also links to screening measures. Please note that a screening measure is just one piece of information. If you have concerns, it is important to share them with your pediatrician and you can decide together if a referral for further evaluation is the best next step.

BFAST is a UNC TEACCH Autism Program project in collaboration with the Autism Society of NC and the Frank
Porter Graham Child Development Institute made possible through funding from the C Felix Harvey Foundation

BFAST partnership logos - UNC TEACCH Autism Program logo, Autism Society of North Carolina logo, and the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute