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  • Complete a Five-Day University of North Carolina TEACCH Autism Program training led by TEACCH staff within past five years. Retain/Submit your Certificate of Attendance.
  • Complete a University of North Carolina TEACCH Autism Program Beyond the Basics: Advanced Applications of TEACCH Principles and Practices Seminar (formerly called Advanced Topics Seminar) led by TEACCH staff within past five years. Potential applicants need to wait at least six months following completion of the five day training before applying for the Beyond the Basics Seminar. Retain/Submit your Certificate of Attendance.
  • Implement TEACCH principles and practices in your work setting for a minimum of one year after completing Five-Day Training. Submit a Scope of Work Statement describing how you implemented TEACCH principles in your work setting.
  • When you have completed the prerequisites listed above, please contact the UNC TEACCH Certifications Office for next steps. You will receive instructions regarding the submission of a formal application, which includes a completed application form, three letters of reference, a Portfolio, and the Certification Fee of $1000. Please note: all pre-requisites must be complete, and you must have approval to receive the New Practitioner Certification Application.


  • The certification is valid for three years, with a three-year recertification
  • Use the title of TEACCH® Certified Practitioner
  • Share information and consult on TEACCH principles/practices within own work setting and, if part of job description, within broad work setting (e.g., school district)
  • Be a member of a TEACCH training team if approved by a TEACCH Director
  • Demonstrate activities to professionals within their own work setting (e.g., classroom, clinic)
  • Have your name listed on TEACCH website as a TEACCH Certified Practitioner
  • Receive consultative Support (2 hours per certification period—no charge)
  • Utilize discounts (10%) to TEACCH-sponsored conferences, and approved seminars in North Carolina
  • A certificate will be mailed to the applicant upon payment of the certification fee and completion of a signed agreement.


  • Cannot train other professionals to be a TEACCH Certified Professional (but, as noted, can be a member of a TEACCH training team)
  • Cannot train, formally teach or conduct workshops on TEACCH Principles/Practices

Cost of Certification:

  • Enrollment fees for 5-Day and Beyond the Basics: Advanced Applications of TEACCH Principles and Practices prerequisite trainings
  • $1000 Initial Certification Fee


  • Within the three year period of certification, attend 16 contact hours of continuing education activities in ASD, including:
    • A minimum of 8 hours in TEACCH sponsored workshops, such as the TEACCH Annual Conference and TEACCH Topics: Trainings and seminars that are advanced beyond Structured TEACCHing.
    • An additional 8 hours can be from any other ASD workshops or conferences
  • A list and brief description of activities carried out during the certification period related to TEACCH practices plus evaluations by supervisors
  • A new three year certificate will be mailed upon payment of the recertification fee
  • $225 Recertification fee plus cost of attendance at continuing education programs every three years

For additional questions or more information, please contact:
TEACCH Autism Program – CB#7180, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7180
Email: | Phone: 919.966.7003 | Fax: 919.966.4127