The portfolio should outline your experience working with the TEACCH Principles and Practices in your work setting for the past year including video samples, work samples, and performance evaluations

The portfolio will be reviewed, and a written and oral examination will be scheduled by the TEACCH review team

If the examination is passed, applicants will receive a Letter of Acceptance, a Letter of Agreement and a certificate

Work samples might include any of the following:

  • Photos of general structure of classroom
  • Description of 3 of your students’ autism and why you have structured a program as you have for these students
  • Photos of 3 sample students’ schedules, work systems and teaching activities
  • 5 to 10 minute video of you working 1:1 with a student or group session (with appropriate permissions obtained)
  • An example of how you do group teaching, teaching within the natural environment, and/or pull-out
  • Share how you communicate with the parents of these 3 students (written statement or sample provided)
  • Clinicians and others who are not classroom-based teachers can submit videos and other materials relevant to the their work setting using the same principles and practices as described above

Review Process:

Once your application and portfolio have been reviewed, you will be contacted by TEACCH. The next step in the application process is to be scheduled for an evaluation. This consists of two components: a written test and an oral examination. Both evaluations will assess you in the following domains:

  • Knowledge of TEACCH Philosophy (understanding autism, strengths-based, using interests, developmental approach, working with parents)
  • Application of strategies for working with parents
  • Individualization through assessment
  • Individualization of the elements of Structured TEACCHing
  • Problem solving around issues related to autism and learning style !!!