Given the ongoing health and safety concerns, all in-person TEACCH training events scheduled through December have been cancelled. TEACCH is aware that despite the impact of COVID-19, there is still a need for professional development, so we developed a virtual Fundamentals of Structured TEACCHing training. More details about that event can be found below. We also recognize that COVID has impacted the finances of individuals and educational systems, so we are offering these Fundamentals training sessions at a 35% discount.
Early Learners Foundations of Autism workshop is setup as nine, two-hour virtual sessions that will provide participants with an overview of the learning styles of young children (ages 3-5) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This workshop focuses on the implementation of Structured TEACCHing and naturalistic strategies which can be embedded into center areas and across classroom activities to provide meaning, promote engagement, and capitalize on the child’s strengths. Participants will also learn an antecedent-based behavior management approach. The format of this workshop will include presentations, videos, interactive discussions, and small group activities..

Upon completion of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify learning styles of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Design the physical organization of learning spaces for children with ASD
  • Develop individualized schedules and work systems
  • Develop meaningful visual structure for use in center areas and across classroom activities that promotes skill development in the areas of play, social interaction, self-help, and daily living routines
  • Problem solve behaviors using Structured TEACCHing principles
  1. Learning Styles in Autism
  2. Assessment
  3. Physical Organization & Individual Schedules
  4. Structured TEACCHing: Activity Systems & Material Structure
  5. Naturalistic & Engagement
  6. Arts & Crafts
  7. Dramatic Play
  8. Gross Motor & Self-Help
  9. Behavior Management
This course is designed for educators, psychologists, speech language pathologists, as well as others interested in educational strategies for preschool-aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 1.8 CEUs are available upon completion of the entire course.
In-State (NC) Registration Fee: $300
Out of State Registration Fee: $500

OCTOBER Virtual Training

Starts October 16, 2020
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Please Note: While this is a strong foundational training, this does not meet any pre-requisites for TEACCH Professional Certification.