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Laura Klinger, Director of TEACCH presenting award to Jenny Eigenrauch at the 2015 TEACCH Conference

The TEACCH Award is given to a person in the community who is making a significant impact on the lives of children in our North Carolina community. The award was presented today at the TEACCH Conference to Jenny Eigenrauch, a Consultant for Children with Autism for the North Carolina Department of Instruction. Jenny is a great advocate for children with ASD who have significant challenges in their learning style and their behavior. She is a role model for others as she works with individuals with ASD with great warmth, engagement and respect. In her role as a Consultant for Children with Autism, Jenny is impacting the lives of individuals with ASD and their families across the state of NC. Jenny developed a collaborative training model with the TEACCH Autism Program, Foundations in Autism, to bring Structured TEACCHing strategies to every school system in North Carolina. Congratulations Jenny!