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Tom Kuell, one of Extraordinary Ventures’ managers, describes how operations of EV’s laundry business follow the TEACCH model.

TEACCH is a community-based program named for its core values of teaching, expanding, collaborating, cooperating and being holistic in its services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With seven regional centers, a supported employment program, one residential center for adults, and a professional training and certification program, TEACCH touches all 100 counties in the state, and its methods are used around the globe. Students in psychology, education, allied health sciences, psychiatry and social work at UNC have opportunities to receive training on ASD at TEACCH.

Through decades of development in service, treatment and programs, as well as the increase of diagnoses, TEACCH has always needed to be more nimble. This year, a new clinical goal moved to the top of the list: to serve the growing population of adults with autism. read more