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Along with the rest of America, our TEACCH Autism Program faculty and staff grieve for the children and teachers lost in the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut and their families. As we have followed the breaking news stories, we have heard unconfirmed reports that the shooter may have suffered from Asperger’s syndrome which is on the Autism spectrum. While those with Autism Spectrum Disorder certainly struggle with their social and communication skills, there is no evidence that premeditated violence is associated with this diagnosis. We sincerely hope that this tragedy does not influence the strides that our country has made in accepting the 1 in 88 persons with Autism who live in our communities. We hope that the actions of this one individual will not change our country’s acceptance of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. That would be an even further tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who live in the Newtown community.