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INSAR 2021 Virtual Conference banner image

INSAR 2021 was held May 3rd – 7th as a virtual conference. TEACCH was well represented by faculty, staff, and students as authors on 14 presentations.

  • Longitudinal Employment Outcomes for Young Adults with Autism: Follow up to a High School-Based RCT K. Hume, B. Tomaszewski, S. L. Odom, J. R. Steinbrenner, L. J. Hall, L. E. Smith DaWalt, and B. Kraemer
  • Community Participation in Autistic Young Adults B. Tomaszewski, L. J. Hall, J. R. Steinbrenner, L. E. Smith DaWalt, K. Hume and S. L. Odom
  • Factor Structure and Construct Validity of the Transition Readiness and Employability Evaluation K. Bowman, B. Tomaszewski, C. B. Klein, S. M. Matherly, and L. G. Klinger
  • Performance on the Transition Readiness and Employability Evaluation (TREE) in Transition-Age Youth with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder C. B. Klein, K. Bowman, S. M. Matherly, B. Tomaszewski, and L. G. Klinger
  • Self-Reported Real-World Executive Function Skills and Associations with Anxiety and Depression in Autistic Adults S. A. Stah1, L. R. Guy, E. M. Lamarche, B. Tomaszewski, and B. B. Maddox
  • National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence & Practice (NCAEP): Updating a Systematic Review to Identify New Evidence-Based Practices for Children and Youth with Autism Poster J. R. Steinbrenner, K. Hume, S. L. Odom, K. L. Morin, S. W. Nowell, B. Tomaszewski, S. Szendrey, N. S. McIntyre, S. Yucesoy-Ozkan and M. N. Savage
  • Step It up: Increasing Physical Activity for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability Using Supported Self-Management and Fitbit Technology M. N. Savage, B. Tomaszewski and K. Hume
  • Use of the Children’s Communication Checklist-2 in School-Aged Students with ASD: A Psychometric Analysis S. W. Nowell, B. Tomaszewski, J. R. Steinbrenner, A. Sam, and S. L. Odom
  • Tailoring an Evidence-Based Suicide Prevention Intervention for Use with Autistic Adolescents and Adults B. B. Maddox, S. R. Crabbe, K. Myhre, D. S. Mandell, and S. Jager-Hyman
  • Parent Perspectives on Use of Cannabis in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder R. Lane, B. B. Maddox, and A. Bennett
  • Self-Determination As Perceived By Autistic Adolescents and Their Parents: A Mixed-Methods Approach R. Handsman, J. R. Linde, B. B. Maddox, L. Kenworthy, and C. E. Pugliese
  • Novel Findings to Inform Suicide Prevention for Autistic Individuals B. B. Maddox, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC and L. Morgan, American Association of Suicidology, Washington, DC
  • Project Echo Autism: Building Capacity Among Community Mental Health Providers N. Dreiling, M. L. Cook, E. M. Lamarche, and L. G. Klinger
  • Caregiver Ndbi Strategy Use and Language Input Supports Structurally-Specific Lexical Diversity in Minimally-Verbal Children with Autism E. Clark-Whitney, C. B. Klein, A. Lemelman, J. Winter and S. H. Kim