If you are interested in these clinical services provided by the Wilmington TEACCH Center, please call Kay Sanderlin, Office Manager at 910-251-5700, ext. 0 or 100.

Individual Parent TEACCHing Sessions – Two to Six Sessions Model

Individualized Parent TEACCHing Sessions are designed to facilitate a collaboration/partnership between TEACCH Autism Specialists and parents. A key to this collaboration is our underlying philosophy that parents know their child best and that TEACCH can provide information, strategies, and support to address the needs of their child. Individual parent TEACCHing sessions are available to parents of individuals with autism, ages three through adulthood (and under three who are not able to be served by In-home Early Intervention services). These sessions provide an opportunity for parents to learn ways of teaching their child at home, build self help and other home skills including communication and social skills, as well as address behavioral concerns. Sessions are one hour in length and offered weekly. The number of sessions varies depending on the individual’s need (typically two to six sessions). During the sessions, a Autism Specialist works directly with the child to model suggested strategies. A parent consultant discusses these strategies and answers any questions the parent may have while they observe the session through a one way mirror.

Intensive Need Sessions

Some individuals with autism have intensive needs that require services above and beyond standard TEACCH sessions. Clients receiving these sessions typically have significant behavioral or emotional difficulties and have limited options for receiving services from other providers in their communities. TEACCH services may be available to provide more intensive and/or ongoing service to a limited number of clients. Typically, these sessions involve working with family members or community service providers to help them in providing direct services to an individual with autism around a variety of issues. The ability to provide longer-term services is based on client need and staff availability.