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Parents of Adults with Autism Group

The Parents of Adults with Autism group is a support and informational group for parents whose son/daughter is 18 years or older, although parents of adolescents are occasionally invited to attend depending on the topic. The group is also open to adult siblings or other adult relatives who have an important role in the life of an adult with autism.

This group has a specific topic for each meeting (e.g., planning for the future, developing independence skills). The group meets one evening per month during the months of September-June.

Please call the Raleigh TEACCH office at 919-445-5793 for more information.

Adults with Autism Support Group

This group is intended for individuals with ASD who:

  • are 21 years or older,
  • have had previous individual counseling
  • are able to be a part of a group

No previous experience in a group is required. The purpose of the groups is to provide information and emotional support to the members on both general and specific issues related to their coping with the challenges of ASD.Participation offers adults support and the opportunity to establish positive relationships with other adults who share similar experiences.

The group is both structured and informal and has included addressing specific topics (e.g. getting along with coworkers), reading and discussing a scenario of a real-life problem, and having part of the one-hour session focus on an individual member. Minutes, or a summary of each meeting, are provided to group members.

The group meets approximately two evenings per month. Group enrollment is limited to protect confidentiality and facilitate personal sharing of experiences. Referral to the group must come through a TEACCH staff member.

Please call our office at 919-445-5793 for more information.