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Dr. Lee Marcus, Consulting Psychologist and Former Clinical Director of the Chapel Hill TEACCH Center, was the featured speaker at a Conference in memory of Leah Rabin in Tel Aviv, Israel, on March 25, 2010. Dr. Marcus gave two presentations on adults with autism on the topics of vocational and leisure skills. The Conference was organized by ALUT, the Israeli Society for Autistic Children and attended by over 300 professionals and parents. In addition to presenting at the conference, Dr. Marcus led a 3 day workshop on programming for adults with autism, attended by 70 professionals involved in residential and vocational programs in Israel. Dr. Marcus has been involved in training and consultation activities in Israel since 1982. Ms. Rabin was very involved in ALUT for many years and instrumental in supporting the development of services for children and adults with autism in Israel. She was honored at the Conference through several speeches including one by her daughter, Dahlia, and musical performances by children with autism.