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We are pleased to announce that 2 of the webinars from our webinar series on Dual Diagnosis and Complex Issues in ASD are now available for free viewing. This webinar series was made possible with funds from the AHEC Innovations grant and aims to provide free, web based trainings for mental health professionals working with individuals with ASD and other comorbid issues. Thus far topics have included anxiety, depression, romantic relationships, and suicidality. The goal of each presentation is to review current literature and discuss evidence based strategies for identification and treatment in an adolescent and adult population of individuals with ASD.

Please note that these webinars have been previously recorded and as a result you will not be able to access the handouts from these presentations, ask any questions, or submit any poll questions for these webinars. These previously recorded sessions are also not available for CEU credit.

Please stay tuned as we plan to post 2 additional webinars from the 2016 webinar series for free online viewing in the upcoming months. We will also be announcing our dates, topics, and speakers for the 2016-2017 webinar series in the fall 2017.

Webinar 1: Helping Adults with Autism Understand and Develop Romantic Relationships

Webinar 2: Understanding and Treating Comorbid Anxiety in Individuals with ASD