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Clinical Instructor, UNC Department of Psychiatry

Autism Specialist, Asheville TEACCH Center


M.A., Speech-Language Pathology, Appalachian State University


Speech Pathologist

Summary Statement:

Sarah Donnelly is an Autism Specialist at the Asheville TEACCH Autism Center and a Clinical Instructor in the UNC Department of Psychiatry. She is a licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP) and works with individuals with autism and their families, from early childhood to adolescence and adulthood. Sarah provides evaluations of speech and language, specializing in social communication evaluations and individual and group-based services. She centers equity within her practice and believes communication is vital and a human right. She is excited to provide communication systems and services to people with Autism, of all ages and to provide support centering on social communication and self-advocacy. She is also interested in providing access to life skills training and mental health support. Within her practice, she focuses on using visual communication systems to teach feelings, and understand needs, to increase self-advocacy. Sarah is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Asheville community and the Asheville TEACCH center. She is excited to work alongside the families she serves to provide a more inclusive, successful, and communicative experience across their lifespan.