Kazue Takagi, MD, PhD

General Director
Yokohama Central Area Habilitation Center for Children 

Performs assessment and treatment of developmental disorders in an outpatient clinic and advises on visual structures to staff members of this rehabilitation center. Provides psychiatric medical consultation in areas of mental health support for parents and families. Formerly, she assessed and treated developmental disorders at the Shoni Ryoiku Soudan Center in Kanagawa, Japan, assessing and treating developmental disorders of all ages, from infants to adults. Performed cognitive behavioral therapy about sexuality and/or self-advocacy, and helped patients understand their diagnosis. Coached clients in self-awareness and adaptive-behavior using social stories, comic strip conversations and CAT-Kit.

Previously studied with TEACCH Five-Day Trainings in Saga, Japan.

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    49 Shimizugaoka, Minami-Ku

    Yokohama Kanagawa Japan 232-0007