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In order to attend the T-STEP Program, you must complete these steps:


1) Referral from North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Participants need a referral from a NCDVRS counselor in order to attend the T-STEP program. NCDVRS encourages individuals and families to call the NC office closest to their home address to ask about a referral to the T-STEP program.

2) Intake

After referral to the T-STEP, participants and their caregivers will be asked to visit their local UNC TEACCH Autism Program outpatient clinic for an intake. This visit takes approximately two hours and will include an interview, review of history, discussion about the T-STEP and signing of releases. This meeting is an opportunity for the participant and their family to have their questions about the T-STEP answered.

3) Skills Assessment and Goal Planning

Prior to the start of class, each participant will have a transition readiness skills assessment and goal planning meeting.   This meeting will last two hours and will take place at the community college where the T-STEP program will be held.  This meeting is also an opportunity for the participant to familiarize themselves with the campus prior to the start of class, if necessary.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Eva Scardina-Keele, T-STEP Services Coordinator, at 919-843-9505 or