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The TEACCH Training team has been offering training to school systems and teachers across the State of North Carolina as well as across the nation and globally. Last year alone, we trained 3980 professionals. Training remains in high demand, but with the challenges of holding in person gatherings and travel, the training team has shifted to providing training virtually.

The Fundamentals of Structured TEACCHing is a virtual workshop that is designed for educators, psychologists, speech language pathologists, as well as others interested in educational strategies for school-aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This virtual training will provide participants with an overview of the learning styles of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Structured TEACCHing. This summer, we have 21 virtual trainings scheduled with over 700 registered to attend!

Jenny Eigenrauch, Assistant Director of TrainingJenny Eigenrauch is the Assistant Director of Training for the UNC TEACCH Autism Program. She has a background in recreation therapy and education. Jenny started her career in the field of autism as TEACCH’s first Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Intern in 1995. After two years as an Autism Specialist with TEACCH, she moved into the field of education teaching students with autism across a variety of settings and grades in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools district. After leaving the classroom, Jenny spent three years with the NC Department of Public Instruction before returning to TEACCH in her current position.

As the Assistant Director of Training at TEACCH, Jenny provides leadership within the Training Department and primarily spends time developing trainings and supporting the professional certification program. Her favorite parts of her job include training, coaching and consulting professionals in the field of autism.

When not at work, Jenny can be found running soccer carpool routes for her daughters and cheering for her four children on the soccer or lacrosse field.

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TEACCH Tip: Change Can Be Difficult:  The Power of the Positive – Pick Three

Change has become the new normal. Many individuals had to change to change from going to school and work, to studying and working remotely. Summer arrived and many of our usual routines have been disrupted:  camps are virtual, and some families are taking fewer vacations and road trips.  Individuals with ASD often struggle with change (both small changes as well as larger, more impactful changes). They may often negatively respond to changes at first, and it can be very challenging for them to shift perspective and thus change their emotion. Practicing a routine to find positive aspects of a situation can foster a shift in perspective, support emotion regulation and reduce stress. The “Power of the Positive: Pick 3” card can be used to practice a routine to strengthen this skill of shifting perspective.

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