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As we currently remain largely at home, children and adults with autism spectrum disorders are missing their friends and social opportunities. TEACCH has recently started up several groups virtually across the state. This includes groups for elementary age children (GoriLLA Group), as well as DBT/CBT, focused groups for adults. For more information about groups available at TEACCH, please click here to view your regional TEACCH Center.

Bonnie S. Ravo is the Clinical Director of the Wilmington TEACCH center. She is a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience with individuals with Autism. She has served on various state agency steering committees, establishing collaborative structure between families, state agencies, and local educational placements to provide the most effective outcomes for children with social learning disabilities. Bonnie served as an adjunct faculty member at Rhode Island College where she participated in the preparation of future students in the Communicative Disorders field of study. Bonnie also operated a private practice, in which she provided direct clinical care for students with social language disorders through integrated playgroups.  Prior to coming to North Carolina, Bonnie was an Educational Outreach Specialist for the Marcus Autism Center. As a Community Interventionist, she provided in-depth training on effective coaching practices and professional development for school systems in the state of Georgia. Bonnie is thrilled to be able to continue to be involved in training, as she is passionate about social communication. When not at work, Bonnie can be found spending time with her family, exploring the Wilmington area!

DPI-Remote Learning Activities: 

NC Office of Early Learning Remote Learning Resources

Home School Curriculum Sites:

NC Guidelines for Homeschoolers Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC) – Parent Training Center ASNC Homeschooling Autism Tips

TEACCH Tip: Completing Schoolwork or Other Activities Independently at Home

With remote learning, many parents of a school-aged children are tasked with teaching their children at home. Whether the individual is participating in a virtual classroom or completing work that has been sent home, learning and completing schoolwork from home can be challenging. For individuals with autism, it is even more challenging given the difficulty many children have with changes in routine. It is difficult to adjust to doing schoolwork at home when you are used to doing academics with a certain teacher, in a certain classroom, with certain materials. Your child might be thinking, “This is home. I don’t do this here!” Read more about this tip

2020 Series Dates & Times
September 11, 18, and 25
1:00 PM  – 3:15 PM, US Eastern Time Zone

The UNC TEACCH Autism Speaker Series provides the most up-to-date information on current topics in autism education, intervention, and diagnosis being researched and implemented at UNC. Content will be shared in three, two-hour virtual sessions, each highlighting UNC advancements in research and community practice from cells to services across the lifespan. Learn more

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