Interventions for Adults

If you are interested in these clinical services provided by the Chapel Hill TEACCH Center, please call the Office Manager at 919-966-5156

Adult Psychoeducational Sessions

These individualized sessions provide an opportunity for an adult with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder to discuss matters of personal importance such as relationships with others or work. The sessions are short-term (8 to 12 sessions) and goal-directed. This service is not psychotherapy or a replacement for psychotherapy. This service is useful for independent adults who are motivated to discuss and work on goals for themselves.

Intensive Need Sessions

Some individuals with autism have intensive needs that require services above and beyond standard TEACCH sessions. Clients receiving these sessions typically have significant behavioral or emotional difficulties and have limited options for receiving services from other providers in their communities. TEACCH services may be available to provide more intensive and/or ongoing service to a limited number of clients. Typically, these sessions involve working with family members or community service providers to help them in providing direct services to an individual with autism around a variety of issues. The ability to provide longer-term services is based on client need and staff availability.

Adult Support Group

Our Adult Support Group is for adults (at least 18 years of age) who are high school graduates and have a diagnosis of High-Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome. Group members are living at home or living independently, and some are attending college and/or employed in the community. Support comes from meeting to discuss issues that affect life with others who have had similar experiences in school, at work or at home. There is a focus topic for each meeting. The agenda is created from the expressed interest of group members. The schedule for each meeting includes topics of interest, conversations, refreshments, games, special activities and presentations.  There is no fee for adults with autism to attend this group.

Adult Social Support Group

This adult social support group is designed for adults who are diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism and also have a need for on-going supervision and support in activities of daily living. Members of this group have the opportunity to meet for refreshments, learn new games, and converse around mutually interesting topics. Visual supports are utilized to encourage conversation, provide organization and highlight expectations for group participants. There is no fee for adults with autism to attend this group. Availability varies depending on current needs in the area.

Sexuality Workshops

Chapel Hill TEACCH Center offers a five part series of workshops for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who want to learn about topics related to sexuality including safety in the Electronic Age; knowing if you are ready to date; personal health and hygiene as it relates to intimate relationships; and relationships and intimacy.  Each workshop has a unique topic related to sexual education. Participants may register and attend one, several or all of the classes; however, workshop 4 is a two-part program that's offered on two days. The class content is mature and explicit. The majority of information is provided in a gender mixed group setting. Some sensitive material will be presented in gender separate settings. Individuals with autism who can learn in a group lecture format are invited. You must register and pay for each individual class separately. The format will include lectures, presentations, and group activities. The knowledge and skills acquired by attending each workshop vary, so the workshop objectives are listed under each session. Contact Elizabeth Byars for more information.