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Information about Referrals & Services

For information regarding referrals and clinical services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, please contact your regional TEACCH Center.

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General Information

Phone: (919) 966-2174 Fax: (919) 966-4127
Mail: TEACCH, Campus Box 7180, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7180

Physical Location
: 100 Renee Lynne Court, Carrboro, NC  27510

Administrative Assistant:
Megan Johnson

Administrative Assistant: Cheza Hinds 

Executive Director

Dr. Laura Klinger

Assistant Director

Dr. Lauren Turner-Brown

Finance and Human Resources

Walter Kelly, Business Officer

Tiffany Evans, Accountant

Beverly Harris, Accounting Technician

David Moser, Accounting Technician

Debra Parrish, Human Resources Facilitator

Communications & Marketing

Michelle Jordy, Public Communications Specialist

Assistant Director for Business and Operations

Rebecca Mabe


Mark Klinger, Director of Research

Joanna Mussey, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Allison Meyer, Graduate Research Assistant

Patrick Powell, Graduate Research Assistant

For more information:
Call 919-962-3303 or email:


Dr. Lee Marcus, Director of Training

Kathy Hearsey, Assistant Director of Training

Jill Thompson, Training Program Manager

Ellen Cheek, Training Registrar